„The blue-dyeing workshop of Bácsalmás was founded by the Skorutyák family in 1879. The workshop, working steadily ever since, inherited from father to son, had served for living for four generations of our family. As the great-great-grandson of the founder, I endeavour to worthily preserve this precious heritage to posterity. Even though I do not carry on the craft myself, I hold dear the fate of the workshop and the memory of my blue-dyeing ancestors. In 2015, as part of a comprehensive renovation, we created a visitor-friendly, living workshop, where the vintage machinery can be observed in operation, and the Skorutyák blue-dyeing dynasty is commemorated by a family history exhibition.

To my great pleasure, the centuries-old tradition continues in the renovated workshop: the blue-dyeing craft is carried on by an old family friend, Zoltán Bakos, to whom my father had transferred his knowledge and his love of the craft.”

János Skorutyák

„I became acquainted with the Skorutyák family in 1993. The work relationship that started then turned into a friendship. I started to learn the basics of blue-dyeing from János Skorutyák, Sr., primarily hand block printing, and then gradually all the other activities. Due to the lot of beautiful patterns and the numerous variations they make possible, I became fonder and fonder of this not easy, but rather beautiful craft.

At the initiative of János Skorutyák, I have had my handmade products juried since 1997. As a result, I was able to apply for the Master of Folk Art title, which I received in June 2015.

My vision is that visitors of the workshop renovated by the Skorutyák family would not only see a museum or an exhibition, but also enjoy the products that are made here.”

Zoltán István Bakos