During the 2015 renovation, the building and the workshops in it received a new, unified look. Stopping in front of the house, the logo on the street façade can be immediately noticed, which is difficult to decipher at first glance, but it is the goal to make visitors intrigued and encourage them to enter. The mystery is revealed in the very first room, in the hand printing workshop: the logo displays the most basic tool of blueprinting, having been used for centuries, a hand printing block.

The motifs running around the walls of the rooms are the imprints of each piece of the family’s pattern set. The word clouds blown on the walls remind us of the specialized terms specific to the given workshop. The individual workflows are illustrated by archival photographs of János Skorutyák blueprinting craftsman.

Each museum machine, even the box mangler, made in the 19th century and the Perrotine block-printing machine made in 1868 can be viewed in operation. During the tour, all workflows of blueprinting can be observed live, and the visitors themselves can join in a workflow.